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Ultimate surrender videos are finally here! Ultimatesurrender.com has been in operation for close to 10 years. They have a MASSIVE amount of female wrestling content. Peter Acworth put the site up in 1997 and has never looked back. Ultimate surrender girls are considered some of the very best female wrestlers. The wrestling matches are NOT scripted and are 100% real. Just watch a few of the samples on this page and you will see and hear the truth.

This site, ultimate surrender girls will be adding hundreds of ultimate surrender videos over the coming weeks so check back when you can to watch the latest and greatest ultimate surrender videos. We try to find videos that have a unique twist to them. On video might include a strapon fucking session while the next ultimate surrender video might include finger, female masturbation and squirting.

One thing you might hear in these ultimate surrender videos is the crowd in the background. Yes, you heard me correctly. Kink.com, who owns and runs ultimate surender, is run out of the San Francisco Armory in the Mission District. Initially the San Francisco mayor, Mr.Gavin Newsom was a bit concerned however this is all in the past. The area is known for its sexual minorities so this seemed like the ideal place to shoot ultimate surrender videos. There are live audiences for most of the shows. If you happen to be in the San Francisco area you can actually watch the shooting of these ultimate surrender videos! Can you imagine?! Everyone has great fun and the ultimate surender girls really get into things.

Each female wrestling show is not really a show per se, it is more of an art or a performance of extreme sexuality and sexual lesbian wrestling. You might even recognize some of the girls. Her name escapes me now but the short girl with dark skin and pert tits is known for her squirting. I will identify her in one of the ultimate surrender videos below.

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